O Amor Dá VoltasO Amor Dá Voltas
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O Amor Dá Voltas

A doctor returns from Africa to find out he's been exchanging love letters with his girlfriend's sister.


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Igor Angelkorte plays André, a doctor who returns to Brazil after two years in Africa doing volunteer work. When he arrives at the airport, he finds his girlfriend Beta (Juliana Didone). Wait, girlfriend? Not quite: the character has moved on, gotten married, and even has a child. The correspondence that André was exchanging was actually with Dani (Cleo), Beta's sister. Confused? Even more so for the protagonist, who must understand how his love life has changed after two years of corresponding and falling even more in love with someone who was once just his sister-in-law. Directed by Marcos Bernstein ("My Sweet Orange Tree"), the film brings funny elements of a good love triangle, but without forgetting to show how love can sometimes be strange.



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André is a young doctor who has just come back from taking care of the sick in Africa and discovers that he's been exchanging love letters not with his long term girlfriend but with her sister.

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