Mumbai Mafia: Police vs the UnderworldMumbai Mafia: Police vs the Underworld
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Mumbai Mafia: Police vs the UnderworldMovie on Netflix

A fearless cop takes on a powerful crime boss in 1990s Mumbai.


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Until the 1990s, Mumbai was controlled by organized crime. Gangsters ruled the city, leaving even politicians and law enforcement in the palm of their hands - if they weren't part of the same organization. But things changed. How? A brave group of police officers decide to take on the fight against organized crime in the Indian city. Reminiscent of series like 'New York Against the Mafia' and 'Narcoworld', this documentary dives into this criminal history and shows, in detail, things that already belong to Indian school history books from a complete and rich production of images, as is typical in Netflix documentaries.



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In 1990s Mumbai, a crime boss and his network wield unchecked power over the city - until the rise of 'encounter cops' who brazenly kill their targets.

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