The Texas Chain Saw MassacreThe Texas Chain Saw Massacre
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The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

A group of friends on a road trip to Texas are hunted by a chainsaw-wielding psychopath.


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'The Texas Chain Saw Massacre' is one of the greatest horror movie classics, responsible for etching Tobe Hooper's (also director of the frightening 'Poltergeist') name in history. This cinematic classic was remastered for its 40th anniversary, and still stands strong, with fantastic imagery and photography and a somber atmosphere - it's a must-see for horror lovers. To watch the restored version, check out the movie listings in your area: the film will be playing in more cities in the coming weeks.



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Plot summary

Brutal, sick, perverse and macabre. One of the greatest classics of horror cinema now restored in 4K. A group of friends travel to Texas and end up victim of Leatherface, a psychopath with a chainsaw.

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