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All That Breathes

Two brothers protect a black kite amidst Delhi's pollution and violence.


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In the planet’s most polluted country, India, there are cities like New Delhi in which birds drop from the sky, fulminated by the air’s toxicity. Humanity also suffers the effects of pollution, on top of a violent social background. However, in the midst of such chaos, two brothers find a place for compassion as they care for a small victim of the times: the bird known as the black kite. All that Breathes, an HBO Max exclusive, is one of those documentaries in which seemingly not much happens, but that hides a powerful, overwhelming beauty underneath as it talks about compassion and love towards the dignity of all living things, even in the middle of tragedy and despair. The film was, deservedly, nominated to the 20203 Best Documentary Oscar.



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Amidst the darkening backdrop of Delhi's apocalyptic air and escalating violence, two brothers devote their lives to protect one casualty of the turbulent times: the bird known as the Black Kite.

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