The Subtle Art of Not Giving A #*%!The Subtle Art of Not Giving A #*%!
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The Subtle Art of Not Giving A #*%!

Disappointment Panda helps a man embrace failure and find true happiness.


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"The Subtle Art of Not Giving A #*%!" directed by Nathan Price is a refreshing take on the self-help genre. Based on Mark Manson's bestselling book of the same name, the film challenges the notion of positivity and encourages viewers to embrace their flaws and limitations. Manson's no-nonsense approach is complemented by the film's raw, honest portrayal of the challenges of life. The film is a masterful blend of philosophy and practical advice, backed by academic research and entertaining stories. The film's use of profanity and humor adds to its relatability, making it a must-watch for anyone



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Plot summary

The film will explore society's obsessions with the pursuit of happiness and will be presented by Mark Manson alongside Disappointment Panda, a character from the book whose superpower is to tell people the harsh truth.

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