The Communion GirlThe Communion Girl
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The Communion Girl

A newcomer in a small town in Spain, Sara, and her best friend Rebe encounter a possessed doll after coming across a little girl dressed for her communion.


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Possessed dolls and ghostly apparitions are "common" ingredients of supernatural horror (best exemplified by The Conjuring and its plaides of sequels and spin-offs), so it's rather disheartening every time they appear. 'The Communion Girl' tells a typical story from the genre: in 1980s Spain, two girls see a girl dressed for her communion on the road at night, but when looking for her, they only find a doll that unleashes a nightmare into their lives. Very typical, yes, but if you're looking for a good horror movie about urban legends and apparitions, this is a very well executed option.



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Plot summary

Spain, late 1980s. Newcomer Sara tries to fit in with the other teens in this tight-knit small town in the province of Tarrgona. If only she were more like her extroverted best friend, Rebe. They go out one night at a nightclub, on the way home, they come upon a little girl holding a doll, dressed for her first communion. And that's when the nightmare begins.

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