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J-hope in the Box

A rising star from BTS prepares for his solo debut album in a behind-the-scenes documentary.


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"J-hope in the Box" is a documentary film directed by Park Jun-soo, which follows the journey of J-hope, a member of the popular K-pop group BTS, as he prepares to release his first-ever solo album, Jack In The Box. The film gives viewers an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the creative process and the challenges J-hope faced during the album's preparation. It also showcases his 2022 Lollapalooza performance and the album's listening party.The film is a must-watch for BTS fans and K-pop enthusiasts. It offers a rare glimpse into the life of an international music sensation and the dedication and hard work that goes into making an album. The documentary is well-directed and beautifully captures J-hope's journey, making it an emotional and inspiring watch.Overall, "J-hope in the Box" is a well-made documentary that offers a unique look into the life of a K-pop star. It is a must-watch for fans of BTS and those interested in the music industry. The film is a testament to the hard work and dedication of J-hope and his team and is sure to leave viewers feeling inspired and uplifted.



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A documentary special on j-hope from BTS and the preparation of his debut solo album ‘Jack In The Box’.

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