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A Black woman's idyllic life in the suburbs is turned upside down by two strangers who appear to be following her, leading to a complex exploration of race, privilege, and identity.


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When talking about horror thrillers that address issues of race and class, inevitably we end up making comparisons to Jordan Peele's Get Out. However, director Nathaniel Martello-White goes a step further than the black vs. white dichotomy in The Strays, his Netflix debut feature film. This is the story of a Black woman (Ashley Madekwe) who leads a privileged life in an affluent suburban neighborhood. Yet her life is turned upside down by the appearance of two strangers who appear to be following her. Though it may not have the best ending, the movie tackles the complex intersections between race, colorism, privilege, identity, and internalized racism, leading us to understand that no, the dynamics of classes and races are never simple.



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Plot summary

Neve, who leads an idyllic life in the suburbs with her loving family, and works a fulfilling job at a private school. But when she begins to notice a strange man and woman appear unexpectedly at odd moments, she starts to doubt her sanity. Of course, she turns to her family and friends for assistance, but Neve is helpless when they hesitate to believe her.

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