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Three mummies race chariots and search for a stolen ring in London.


Why watch this film?

‘Mummies’ is a film born out of chaos: it is a Spanish production about mummies from Ptolemaic Egypt who even participate in Roman chariot races, and who, after passing through a portal, end up in London, the capital of England, in present-day times. It seems - and it really is - a mishmash. The film, directed by newcomer Juan Jesús García Galocha, has no concern with establishing a minimally plausible story about young Thut (Joe Thomas in the original dubbing), who is chosen by accident as the soul mate of Princess Nefer (Eleanor Tomlinson). There's no way out, it's his destiny. Until, without much explanation, he ends up discovering a time portal and goes to England in search of a stolen ring. However, in the end, what matters is the experience of the little ones. And, despite being flawed in developing its own story appropriately, it ends up being a good starting point for children to think about the possibilities raised by the film. What would it be like to find a mummy on the street? Moreover, what would it be like to have the possibility of entering a hole and coming out not only in Egypt but also in past centuries? They are fun and functional ideas.



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Plot summary

It follows three mummies as they end up in present-day London and embark on a journey in search of an old ring belonging to the Royal Family, stolen by the ambitious archaeologist Lord Carnaby.

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