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Parents meet, but chaos ensues when they realize they're sleeping with each other's spouse.


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Richard Gere, Susan Sarandon, Diane Keaton, William H. Macy, Luke Bracey, Emma Roberts. This is a dream cast, or very close to it, for any director of romantic comedy. They are good actors who know how to bring life to the most diverse characters. So, it's hard not to go in with high expectations for 'Family Wedding'. Directed and written by Michael Jacobs ('Father of the Year'), the film starts with Allen (Luke Bracey) and Michelle (Emma Roberts). They are a couple going through conflict after he tries to stop her from taking the bouquet at a wedding. In an effort to strengthen their ties and move past that, they decide to reunite their parents—and that's where the chaos of this story begins. Her parents (Richard Gere and Diane Keaton) and his parents (William H. Macy and Susan Sarandon) already know each other from other carnivals. Gere and Sarandon had an affair, while Keaton and Macy had a deep connection the night before, after they met at the movies. From there, Jacobs plays around with this love square, with everyone desperate at this reunion. It's an improbable movie that makes comedy out of the situation. 'Family Wedding' doesn't worry much about being realistic, but just making sure the audience has a good laugh and goes along with the idea of putting the actors in absurd situations. Just go along with the proposal, forget the mistakes and enjoy a good laugh.



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In New York City’s splendor, Michelle and Allen’s romance is at the point where it is time for the parents to finally meet. But now face-to-face, the dinner quickly spirals out of control as the parents realize each spouse is sleeping with the other. Trying to hide the affairs from the kids, their antics turn the night into comedic chaos.

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