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Robe Of Gems

Three women's paths intertwine in the world of crime and class differences, leading to tragedy and violence.


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Natalia López Gallardo, collaborator of Carlos Reygadas in films like Nuestro Tiempo, debuts as a director with the award-winning film at festivals like Morelia (Best Direction) and Berlin (Jury Prize). Manto de Gemas follows three women intertwined by the world of crime and class differences. Isabel (Nailea Norvind), who decides to travel to the countryside in the midst of a divorce, discovers that her assistant María (Antonia Olivares) has a missing sister. Their paths eventually cross with those of Roberta (Aída Roa), a police officer who wants to save her son from falling into the criminal world. Beyond succumbing to typical Mexican cinema cliches about drug violence in Mexico, López Gallardo employs a cryptic narrative style and visually poetic approach. Though we may question if it raises new questions or answers, it is undeniable that, at least, it is visually and interpretively very powerful.



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Isabel is in the middle of divorce proceedings. She moves into an old mansion once owned by her family. When the sister of Isabel's co-worker Marta disappears without a trace, police chief Roberta starts investigating the case. Roberta's son is also involved in drug trafficking, which drives the concerned detective to despair. Marta also makes her living working for a local drug gang without the police chief's knowledge. The three women's path to redemption is overshadowed by tragedy and violence.

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