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A woman trapped in a loveless marriage falls for a handsome poacher with a dark past.


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It's on the Australian stage full of beautiful landscapes where Kelly Macdonald ('Trainspotting') and Garrett Hedlund ('Tron: Legacy') play Georgie and Lu. She is a woman who feels trapped in a loveless marriage and an empty life, while he is a mysterious musician newly arrived to town. The two dive into an intense romance that leads them to question their deepest desires and options. From the producers of 'Education' (2009) and 'Brooklyn' (2015).



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Plot summary

Georgie is slowly suffocating in a loveless marriage to fishing tycoon Jim Buckridge. Handsome poacher Lu is an irresistible symbol of the excitement she craves. A passionate affair follows that reveals the dark secrets in Lu’s past and forces him to take flight into the blistering heat of the outback. Georgie follows, determined to find him and bring him back.

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