Other People’s ChildrenOther People’s Children
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Other People’s Children

Rachel falls in love with a man and his daughter, but wonders if it's too late for her to have a family of her own.


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'The Other's Children', directed by Rebecca Zlotowski, is a film that delivers, with a lot of lightness, a romance full of passion, drama and comedy. Rachel, portrayed by the talented Virginie Efira (Benedetta), develops a deep bond with her boyfriend's daughter. The protagonist's performance is strong and moving and the movie also features a special participation by Frederick Wiseman. With its raw, real, sweet and moving writing, 'The Other's Children' is a courageous contemporary female portrait of the pain and joys of never becoming a mother. The film was featured in important festivals such as the Venice Film Festival, TIFF, and Sundance.



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Plot summary

Rachel loves her life, her students, her friends, her ex, her guitar lessons. When she falls in love with Ali, she grows close to his 4-year-old daughter, Leila. She tucks her in, looks after her, and loves her like a mother… which she isn’t. Not yet. Rachel is 40. The desire for a family of her own is growing stronger, and the clock is ticking. Is it too late?

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