The Super Mario Bros. MovieThe Super Mario Bros. Movie
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The Super Mario Bros. Movie

A plumber and a princess team up to save the world from a fire-breathing villain.


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Super Mario Bros. is the definitive leap of Nintendo's mascot to the big screen (after a terrible first attempt in 1993). Produced in association with animation studio Illumination (responsible for franchises like 'Minions' and 'The Secret Life of Pets'), the movie follows the basic premise of all Mario video games: the evil Bowser (voiced by Jack Black) invades the Mushroom Kingdom and it is up to the plumber (voiced by Chris Pratt) to embark on an epic adventure to defeat him. The animation is beautiful and there are some very successful script decisions (like making Mario's brother Luigi the "damsel in distress" and giving Princess Peach a more active role), but overall it is a movie that opts for very cheesy humor -the music choices are one of the main crimes. For some, it may be too hectic and not as memorable as it should be, given one of the most enduring characters of pop culture. Nevertheless, it's very fun, appropriate for all audiences and keeps intact the essence of joy of the franchise.



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A Brooklyn plumber named Mario travels through the Mushroom Kingdom with a princess named Peach and an anthropomorphic mushroom named Toad to find Mario's brother, Luigi, and to save the world from a ruthless fire-breathing Koopa named Bowser.

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