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God's Creatures

A mother's lie tears apart her family and community in a Scottish fishing village.


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For an hour-long run time, 'Creatures of God' only crawls. It mostly shows what the daily routine is like in a small fishing village in Scotland, with the viewer's gaze mainly focused on a moving family nucleus. Young Brian (Paul Mescal) has come home after months away for work, and he isn't received in the way he expected: although his mother (Emily Watson) treats him kindly, his father does not want him there. Things get worse around the 50 minute mark of the movie: a crime occurs in the village directly affecting this family, and a dilemma arises for the mother. What should her attitude be? From there, directors Saela Davis and Anna Rose Holmer ('The Fits') plunge this village into a typical tension-filled suspense film, bringing up interesting questions about ethics, family, and guilt.



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Plot summary

Starring Oscar-nominee Paul Mescal. In this psychological drama, a mother must choose between protecting her son or telling the truth after a crime. This dilemma will eat away at her family and the small fishing community they live in.

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