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Two cousins become entangled in a love triangle with an older man during their summer vacation.


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The debut of filmmaker Anabel Caso, Trigal, touches on a subject that could be very thorny on the surface. It tells the story of two teenage girls, cousins and friends, who spend a summer of intrigue and discovery together. Outside of problems at home, the two become entangled in a love triangle with a 20 year old peasant man. Caso does not fall into an exploitative or melodramatic vision of the matter: she portrays, with sensitivity, the conflictive passage of two girls from childhood to adulthood, not only in their sexual awakening, but also in their search for individuality.



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Plot summary

For the summer, 13-year-old Sofia travels to a countryside house, where her cousin Cristina is eager to spend the holidays with her. During these days of play and discovery, both are entangled in a love triangle with a man almost 20 years their senior, a relationship that will dictate their transition into adolescence.

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