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Death of Nintendo

Four friends navigate adolescence and puppy love in 90's Philippines while playing games.


Why watch this film?

We're used to seeing "coming of age" movies — or, in good Portuguese, maturation movies — more focused on American characters and sometimes Brazilian ones. That's why it's so interesting to see a movie like 'Nintendo and I', a Filipino production that shows a group of boys starting to face the tensions of adolescence. It's interesting to note how some things are absolutely similar to what a boy in any other part of the world would experience, like the difficulty in understanding the opposite sex, but there are some particularities that make everything more interesting, like the concern with circumcision and even family relationships and dynamics. Oh, and don't be fooled by Nintendo in the title: it's just a clever way to draw attention to the movie and shows, in the original ('Death of Nintendo'), adulthood arriving.



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Plot summary

Set in 90's Philippines, four friends go on a journey of self-discovery together as they play games and wrestle with new dilemmas - puppy love, puberty, and other horror stories.

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