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A man with a dark hobby falls in love with a photographer and must resist his impulses.


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"Maniac" is a horror film directed by Franck Khalfoun, starring Elijah Wood as a mannequin shop owner with deadly, suppressed desires. The movie is smartly crafted, with a psychological twist that sets it apart from your average slasher flick. However, the excessive gore can sometimes undermine the film's intelligence. The story follows Frank, who helps a young artist with her upcoming exhibition, but as he does so, his dark desires come to the surface. Wood's performance is chilling, and the use of first-person camera shots adds to the film's unnerving atmosphere. The vintage mannequins and the creepy mannequin shop provide a perfect backdrop for the story's disturbing events. Overall, "Maniac" is a well-made horror film that will keep you on the edge of your seat, but be prepared for some intense and graphic violence.



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With Elijah Wood. Frank is the owner of a mannequin store with a sick hobby: killing women. Everything changes when he falls in love with a charming photographer. Now he must fight against his impulses that continue to haunt him.

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