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A mother and son share a unique bond, navigating life's ups and downs together.


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Argentine actress Dolores Fonzi (Wind Remains, I'm Your Fan) makes her directorial debut with Blondi, a comedy-drama about the eponymous single mother (Fonzi) and her son, Mirko (Toto Rovito). Their relationship is more like that of friends than mother-son: they go to concerts and parties together, share secrets and marijuana. Blondi portrays a simple story in which the events are a pretext to analyze this form of motherhood compared to others in a society where the expectations of the role are still quite rigid, but without falling into didacticism or becoming a pamphlet movie. Fonzi imparts an authentic and spontaneous spirit that, even if it is at times scattered in its narrative, is very fun and emotional. Read more in our full review.



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Blondi became a mother when she was just 15 years old. Today her son Mirko is a twenty-something with a talent for comic books and she is a woman who acts more like a best friend than a mother, sharing different hobbies with him, such as going out to concerts, and the consumption of alcohol and weed. The only difference between them is that Mirko is looking for a future in the form of a scholarship that he dreams of winning to study abroad, while Blondi finds herself living in eternal adolescence.

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