Vengeance: A Love StoryVengeance: A Love Story
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Vengeance: A Love Story

A veteran seeks revenge against those who attacked a single mother.


Why watch this film?

Oscar-winning Nicolas Cage and Don Johnson star in 'Vengeance: A Love Story', based on Joyce Carol Oates' novel, with a screenplay penned by 'House of Cards' producer-writer John Mankiewicz. With action scenes, high levels of violence, and several clichés, this is one of those movies that divided audiences and critics alike. We recommend it to fans of Nicolas Cage and vigilante movies.



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Plot summary

With Nicolas Cage and Don Johnson. When a single mother is brutally assaulted, her 12-year old is the only witness. Despite her testimony, the accusers are set free. Appalled by the situation, a detective will ensure that justice is served.

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