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Sam & Kate

A larger-than-life father's failing health brings his son home, where he falls for a local woman.


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A heartwarming family drama set in a small town in the heart of the United States. Dustin Hoffman plays Bill, a father who sees his son Sam (Jake Hoffman) return home to take care of his deteriorating health. While there, Sam falls for Kate (Schuyler Fisk); at the same time, Bill begins to fall for Kate's mother Tina (Sissy Spacek). From here, we follow a film that speaks of the ups and downs of love, with thrilling performances from Hoffman and Spacek.



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A life-affirming family dramedy that takes place in a small town in the heart of the country. Bill is a larger-than-life father to Sam, who has returned home to take care of Bill, whose health is failing. While he's there, Sam falls for local woman Kate; at the same time, Bill starts to fall for Kate's mom Tina. The course of true love never runs smooth, and these four will be forced to confront their pasts while trying to make new love work in their lives.

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