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The Frogs

A determined young woman navigates the challenges of visiting her incarcerated boyfriend in a Buenos Aires prison.


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In Argentina prison slang, "rana" refers to a woman who, without necessarily being the romantic partner of a prisoner, accompanies them in an affective, psychological or even sexual way, but also contributes to smuggling drugs and other things for them. The Frogs is a documentary that portrays this life through the story of Bárbara, a young woman and mother who does this work for her boyfriend, incarcerated a few hours away from Buenos Aires. It's a documentary that neither judges nor moralizes: it portrays in an intimate way and makes visible without judgment, thus humanizing its protagonists.



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Each week, a young woman visits the man she loves, who is locked up in jail a few hours' drive from Buenos Aires. Alone, determined, she copes as best she can to fulfil her mission (provide her boyfriend with food, drugs and love) and keep their couple intact.

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