A Life Too Short: The Isabella Nardoni CaseA Life Too Short: The Isabella Nardoni Case
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A Life Too Short: The Isabella Nardoni CaseMovie on Netflix

A mother seeks justice after her 5-year-old daughter's tragic fall, putting her in the national spotlight.


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The Brazilian crime documentary about the murder of Isabella Nardoni, A Life Too Short: The Isabella Nardoni Case, has a bold proposition from Netflix: to be the definitive audiovisual document on the murder of the girl, which shook Brazil in 2008. Here, more than reconstructing the crime or speculating about the case, the documentary filmmakers Micael Langer and Claudio Manoel (who write the script with Felipe Flexa) interview family members and address different perspectives on the crime; no wonder, they talk to different voices like Rogerio Pagnan, journalist and author of the book O Pior dos Crimes. A Historia do Assassinato de Isabella Nardoni, and the criminologist Ilana Casoy. A complete, moving documentary that seems to close the discussion once and for all.



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When a 5-year-old girl falls from her father's apartment, her mother embarks on a quest for justice - and is put under the national spotlight.

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