Untold: Swamp KingsUntold: Swamp Kings
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Untold: Swamp KingsMovie on Netflix

A ruthless football coach transforms the Florida Gators into a winning machine.


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An episode of the Netflix exclusive documentary series Untold that dives into some of the most controversial and interesting stories in the world of sports. "Swamp Kings" tells the story of how, after an impressive streak of college football wins that ended in 2005 for the University of Florida, coach Urban Meyer arrived to put the team back in glory... at any cost. It's a documentary that explores how, in a world where college football is everything, Meyer's methods proved effective but had a controversial cost off the fields and locker rooms.



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It explores how legendarily ruthless football coach Urban Meyer turned the ragtag 2000s-era Florida Gators into a ferocious winning machine.

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