The Girl from UruguayThe Girl from Uruguay
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The Girl from Uruguay

A writer's unexpected encounter with a young admirer in Montevideo transforms his midlife crisis.


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Directed by the Argentine filmmaker Ana Garcia Blaya (known for "The Good Intentions"), "The Girl from Uruguay" is an adaptation of Pedro Mairal's celebrated novel. It follows a Buenos Aires writer in the midst of an existential crisis who, during a trip to Montevideo to collect payment for writing a novel, encounters a young admirer 20 years his junior. It's a prospect that briefly lifts his spirits amidst his marital crisis but soon forces him to confront himself. Fun, fresh, sensitive, and at times, sharp, the film is a powerful tale about learning to reconcile the lives we have with the ones we wish for, and with all the unfulfilled promises.



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A writer who pins hopes on a free-spirited 25-year-old he meets in Montevideo to get through his midlife crisis. But his day turns out to be the most unexpected and transformative day of his life.

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