Anatomy of a FallAnatomy of a Fall
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Anatomy of a Fall

A blind son must confront a moral dilemma as the main witness in his father's murder.


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Anatomy of a Fall is one of the major titles of the 2024 awards season. Although it was not France's chosen entry for the Oscar for Best International Film, the movie managed to carve out its own path outside the category. It's not surprising: this film by Justine Triet revolves around the death of a man who falls from the second floor of his own house. What happened? Did he jump, or was he pushed? From there, the wife, Sandra (Sandra Hüller), gets caught in a whirlwind, accused by the prosecution and forced to defend herself. Triet is not really interested here in finding the culprit or providing answers but in questioning the pursuit of truth. After all, what is the truth? Who owns the truth? These are the questions the film raises, making it stand out. Special mention to Hüller's performance, which manages to convey this complexity in her acting.



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A woman is suspected of her husband's murder, and their blind son faces a moral dilemma as the main witness.

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