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A pregnant wife discovers her husband's disturbing sleepwalking habits, leading them to seek help from a shaman.


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If there's one thing South Korean films are good at, it's creating agonizing stories full of symbolism, as is the case with Sleep. A South Korean thriller directed by Jason Yu delves into the disturbing depths of sleepwalking, following a young couple as they face the horrors of the sleep disorder. Starring Jung Yu-mi (Parasite) and Lee Sun-kyun (Train to Busan), the film sets off a series of chilling and shocking events when Soo-jin's pregnancy becomes fertile ground for Hyun-jin's sleepwalking terrors. su. With an engaging narrative, Sleep keeps the viewer anxious and almost breathless.Prepare yourself for a dark psychological journey that will leave you unsettled and engaged until the end.



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A young pregnant wife becomes concerned when her husband's sleepwalking habits transform into grotesque behaviors. After an unsuccessful consultation at a sleep clinic, they desperately seek the help of a shaman.

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