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Astronaut faces marital issues during a research mission, aided by a mysterious creature.


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During a long and extended exploration mission at the edges of the solar system, astronaut Jakub (Adam Sandler) discovers that his wife, Lenka (Carey Mulligan), may not be waiting for his return to Earth anymore. Plunged into despair, Jakub is aided by a mysterious creature hiding in his spacecraft, helping him uncover what went wrong. Spaceman is one of those allegorical science fiction films with a deeply melancholic atmosphere, akin to James Gray's Ad Astra or even Andrei Tarkovsky's Solaris. However, the comparison ends there: this film by director Johan Renck (Chernobyl) is neither as original (made worse by taking itself too seriously) nor as successful in its execution. Nevertheless, the cast is incredible: Isabella Rossellini also stars, and Paul Dano lends his voice to the creature on the spaceship. Additionally, Sandler delivers one of his rare but impactful dramatic performances, previously seen in films like Uncut Gems and Punch-Drunk Love.



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During a research mission, an astronaut discovers that his marriage is in trouble. Luckily, he has the help of a mysterious creature hidden in his ship.

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