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Now That We Are Together

Amid feminist protests, Patricia confronts her past and unites with women to combat violence.


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Winner of two awards at the 2022 Morelia International Film Festival (including the Audience Award for Best Documentary Feature), Now That We Are Together (Ahora que estamos juntas) is a Mexican documentary in which debuting director Patricia Balderas Castro moves from the personal to the political, delving into issues of gender violence and feminism. After an unexpected encounter with an activist collective seeking to protest in the streets, the director begins to explore and understand her own story, as well as her mother's, within the context of everyday patriarchal violence. By blending personal experience with social issues—or precisely because of it—Now That We Are Together emerges as a crucial documentary for gaining deeper insights into various forms of misogynistic violence and understanding the feminist struggle.



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After an unexpected encounter with a group of women attempting to take to the streets, Patricia begins an intimate yet collective journey to understand the violence she has experienced. Amidst the resurgence of feminist protests, she journeys through her own history and that of her mother, as well as the women she fights alongside of, to discover that in a violent world, being together, creating modes of self-defense and preserving joy can be revolutionary.

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