How to Date Billy WalshHow to Date Billy Walsh
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How to Date Billy Walsh

Archie confesses love to best friend Amelia, who falls for new American student Billy Walsh.


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There's a reason why, despite being so repetitive, teen romantic comedies like Clueless work so well: we've all been there, somehow. The plot of How to Date Billy Walsh is set in Britain, but follows the same formula as many other similar proposals from the United States: a guy, Archie, has been friends with Amelia since childhood, but secretly loves her. However, when he finally gathers the courage to confess, she falls for Billie Walsh, a handsome and athletic exchange student. The story is predictable and, except for a Netflix Sex Education-like layer of paint, there's not much new. However, it's a good contender for a Gen Z classic.



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Plot summary

Archie has been in love with his best friend Amelia for as long as he can remember. Just when he builds up the courage to declare his feelings, she falls head over heels for Billy Walsh, a new American transfer student.

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