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Earth Protectors

A dedicated environmental artist documents climate disasters worldwide, showcasing hope for the environment.


Why watch this film?

Documentaries about the climate crisis are never too many, but sometimes it can be challenging to find one that presents its arguments in a different and memorable way. Earth Protectors is a worthy attempt. Directed by French artist and environmental activist Anne de Carbuccia, it artistically documents her 10-year journey around the world exploring the impact of climate change in various countries, as well as the solutions undertaken to empower global citizens and address the crisis. At times, de Carbuccia and her works take more prominence than necessary, but she manages to present vital information.



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Plot summary

For a decade, environmental artist, Anne de Carbuccia has travelled the world, documenting drought, water shortage, plastic-filled oceans, endangered species and cultures through her camera. She states that she ‘wanted to maintain her artistic and sensitive stance as she photographed beautiful imagery, and create a film that is accessible as it attempts to encourage people to contemplate who they are and where they come from’. The filmmaker is inspired by dedicated ‘Earth Protectors’ she meets on the sites of climate disaster and sees a glimpse of hope for the environment.

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