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Disappear CompletelyMovie on Netflix

An ambitious crime photographer battles a mysterious illness after visiting a crime scene.


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The great virtue of horror cinema, it has been said before, is its elasticity to allegorically address virtually any social issue, from criminal violence (Tigers Are Not Afraid) and patriarchal violence and economic marginality (We Are What We Are) to identity and femininity (Huesera: The Bone Woman), to mention just a few notable examples in Mexican Cinema. Disappear Completely (Desaparecer por completo) a horror thriller by Luis Javier Henaine (Ready to Mingle), joins that select and distinguished canon. The plot revolves around Santiago (Harold Torres), the best crime scene photographer in Mexico City, who has gradually become desensitized to all the violence he has witnessed. One day, after infiltrating a mysterious crime scene, he begins to lose, one by one and without logical explanation, his five senses. A powerful metaphor about how both the media and we as individuals relate to the everyday violence that surrounds us.



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After visiting a crime scene, an ambitious and insensitive tabloid crime photographer falls victim to a mysterious illness.

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