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A firefighter battles a raging fire after a gas pipeline explosion in an industrial park.


Why watch this film?

Flashover is, as the title suggests, a disaster movie. It's a Chinese production that follows the Hollywood conception of the genre, aiming to impress with spectacular scenes full of special effects, as well as emotional moments. The plot follows a group of firefighters who must face the impossible when a sudden earthquake triggers a series of gas leaks and continuous explosions that could devastate the entire district of Gucheng, China. Although the special effects are not exactly on par with Hollywood, they are quite close, so if you're looking for a film that will stir emotions with spectacular images of chaos, destruction, and heroism, this might be a movie for you.



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Plot summary

A large blast hits the gas pipeline in the industrial park due to a sudden earthquake, which triggers massive explosions and engulfs the neighboring area in flames. Facing the escalating fire danger, the Fire and Rescue Force quickly reaches the hazardous zone to hold the fire and cut a firebreak, in the meantime, many survivors are pulled out of the rubble.

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