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Momo, Hugo, and Adolfo's chance encounter changes their lives in unexpected ways.


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Adolfo, the debut feature film by Mexican director Sofía Auza, tells the eccentric story that unfolds from the unexpected encounter of Momo (Rocío de la Mañana), Hugo (I'm No Longer Here's Juan Daniel García Treviño), and the cactus he carries, nicknamed "Adolfo". It is a brief and modest film that invites us to embrace the beauty of spontaneity and chance as a way to heal life's wounds. Its aesthetic is reminiscent of Wes Anderson's eccentricity in a frivolous way, and its story is not very deep. However, it is tender in its idiosyncrasy.



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Plot summary

When Momo, Hugo and his cactus, Adolfo, meet one night, they are heading in opposite directions. Their peculiar encounter will not only magically change the course of their lives, but also encourage them to warmly embrace the beauty of the unexpected.

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