Gone With the WindGone With the Wind
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Gone With the Wind

Amidst war and change, Scarlett fights for love and her desires, with Rhett as her match.


Why watch this film?

A grandiose production, from the Golden Age of Hollywood. It is referenced as one of the greatest films ever made, with a memorable soundtrack and a winner of ten Oscars, including Best Picture, Best Director, Best Screenplay and Best Actress. It also represented the first time a black actress received an award - Best Supporting Actress for Hattie McDaniel. The commercial success was also tremendous, being, to this day, the highest-grossing film in the US when considering inflation over the period. Still, there are problems with the movie, the biggest being its glorification of slavery. It is a work that should be watched, but always with a critical eye and taking into consideration the historical context.



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Plot summary

When war devastates the South, Scarlett must concern herself with more important things than girlhood love. As the nation and the world changes around her, she finds an adult tenacity that carries her through all obstacles, still in pursuit of what she wants - the man that got away. Sparks fly along the way as the wily Rhett Butler comes in and out of her life - the only man she has met who is a match for her strong will. Only after Rhett walks out on her does Scarlett realize what she has lost... and decides to win him back.

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