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Three scientists start a ghost-catching business and face off against otherworldly demons in Manhattan.


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Comedy, science fiction and ghosts: that's the formula of 'Ghostbusters', a production that marked the lives of many people. The production is practically a dream team of comedy: directed by Ivan Reitman ('Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot'), with screenplay by Dan Aykroyd ('The Blues Brothers') and Harold Ramis ('Groundhog Day'). The cast also has, in addition to Aykroyd and Ramis, Bill Murray ('The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou'), Rick Moranis ('Honey, I Shrunk The Kids') and Sigourney Weaver ('Alien'). I don't think you need any more reasons to watch, do you?



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Plot summary

A trio of university parasychologists lose their research grant and decide to open their own business, "Ghostbusters" and almost at once are summoned to investigate the strange happenings in a Central Park West apartment. What they discover is that all Manhattan is being besieged by other worldly demons.

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