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West Side Story

A forbidden romance between the Jets leader and the Sharks leader's sister sparks a tragic chain of events.


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Based on the Broadway musical of the same name (inspired in turn, obviously, by "Romeo and Juliet"), "Love Without Barriers" fits into the same line as the golden age of Hollywood musicals from the mid-20th century, and is one of the most famous in history, with all the visual and auditory spectacularity that characterizes them. Better known as "West Side Story", it still holds the record for the musical with the most wins at the Oscars, taking home ten statues out of its eleven nominations (including Best Picture).



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One romance that dared to cross the line. In 1961, this movie adaptation of the Broadway smash-hit musical West Side Story broke box office records and won an incredible 10 Academy Awards, more than any other musical before or since. On the streets of New York City, two gangs battle for territory and respect. But when Tony, the leader of the Jets, falls in love with Maria, the sister of Sharks leader Bernardo, a chain of events is set in motion that will tear their worlds apart forever.

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