Carmín TropicalCarmín Tropical
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Carmín Tropical

A muxe seeks justice for her friend's murder in her Oaxacan village.


Why watch this film?

This great movie by Rigoberto Perezcano, beyond its successful thriller and drama hues, shines for showing a little-known aspect of Mexican society, in particular the Oaxacan one. The muxes, men assumed sexually and socially as women, are accepted in the Zapotec culture as a third gender even since before the colonial period. 'Carmín Tropical' transports us to this little-explored world of Mexican identity, which is why it won an Ariel Award and recognition at the Morelia Festival.



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Plot summary

Mabel, a muxe, returns home to her village in Oaxaca, Mexico to find her friend's killer.

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