The Wait

Piero Messina

99 min

The WaitThe Wait


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The movie starts with an interesting premise: trying to lead a normal life when something shocking happens - such as the death of a young person. However, no matter how much everyone denies it, nothing remains the same. Thus, 'The Wait' deals with these changes, analyzing their impacts on people. All of this with a great atmosphere created by director Piero Messina, an amazing performance by Juliette Binoche and a story that is told more through the images and expressions of the characters than by words.



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Juliette Binoche stars as Anna, who is meeting her son Giuseppe’s French girlfriend, Jeanne, in the lead up to Easter festivities. Young and enchanting, Jeanne arrived with excitement before Giuseppe, whose continued delays and lack of presence cast a dark, mysterious shadow over the household. Why is Giuseppe not here and when will he appear? As Anna and Jeanne wait, they grow closer than either imagined they would, despite the secrets they’re harboring from one another.

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