Black Mirror: BandersnatchBlack Mirror: Bandersnatch
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Black Mirror: BandersnatchMovie on Netflix

A programmer adapts a fantasy novel into a video game and questions reality.


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The first feature film based on the anthology series 'Black Mirror' - and the first to carry the Netflix "interactive movie" label. This is because the viewer is invited to make choices that impact the progress of the story, leading to multiple events and endings. While it's not an entirely new concept (gamebooks have been doing this for decades and there have been other similar experiments in cinema), it's the first time such an initiative has taken place on a large scale in streaming. The story itself is not one of the most surprising and the viewer has, we could say, an "illusion of choice", but 'Bandersnatch' is perfect to present the concept, which mixes film and videogame, that can be further explored in future productions. Warnings: 1h30 refers to the average duration of the film, which, with its multiple choices and endings, can exceed 300 minutes. In addition, it is not possible to watch the movie on apps that are not up to date (including older smart TVs, previous generation consoles, and old smartphones) via Chromecast, Apple TV and other like devices.



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In 1984, a young programmer begins to question reality as he works to adapt a fantasy novel into a video game.

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