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A man's search for the cause of his chronic illnesses reveals the harmful health risks of root canal procedures.


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What if chronic health issues were actually linked to root canals? Assuming that the only organ left "dead" in the body, without being removed, is a tooth, director Frazer Bailey enumerates all the problems that the technique could cause (including even breast cancer) and proposes new dental solutions. A documentary to make us think, even if it fails to bring contrary opinions and by choosing dubious sources. David Minkoff, a doctor heard by the documentary, even had his license suspended in Florida after a patient died from malnutrition while under the care of the professional. Consult a doctor or dentist of your trust before taking any action with regards to your health.



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A man’s 10-year search for the underlying cause of his chronic illnesses becomes an exposé of the dental root canal procedure's harmful health risks.

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