Period. End of Sentence.Period. End of Sentence.
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Period. End of Sentence.

In rural India, women fight for financial independence by making low-cost sanitary pads.


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There are still many taboos surrounding female sexuality and menstruation. “Absorbing the Taboo” - the national title for "Period. End of the Sentence" - portrays one of the hard realities of this issue by showing what's happening within Indian culture and how the situation is slowly evolving in the country. Due to its importance within current society and its technical quality, it won the Oscar for Best Documentary Short Film. Watch it along with “The Man Who Absorbs”, also available on Netflix, which covers the same topic from a different perspective.



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Plot summary

In rural India, where the stigma of menstruation persists, women make low-cost sanitary pads on a new machine and stride toward financial independence.

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