A Kid Like JakeA Kid Like Jake
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A Kid Like Jake

Loving parents struggle to accept their child's transgender identity.


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Jim Parsons (Sheldon from ‘The Big Bang Theory’), Claire Danes (‘Homeland’) and Octavia Spencer (‘Hidden Figures’) in a movie about childhood, family, and the difficulty of choosing the right school. The story centers around Jake’s parents, a child who doesn’t fit into society's normal standards and his peers. From there, the movie promotes an inclusive debate with a subtle and elegant script, with great performances by the protagonists - making the audience identify with the parents who are only looking for their child’s happiness. Kudos to director Silas Howard (who worked on successful series such as ‘Transparent’ and ‘This is Us’) who make an attractive and accessible topic that is contemporary and relevant.



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Loving parents of a four-year-old must come to terms with their child being transgender.

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