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A Soviet prisoner leads a successful revolt in a Nazi death camp during WWII.


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Stories of World War II and the Holocaust abound in cinema, most of them told from a European or American perspective. 'Sobibor' is interesting for the simple fact of presenting another point of view, that of the Russians, even if its slow pace requires patience from the viewer. In the story we meet one of the deadliest concentration camps for Jews, in Sobibor, Poland, where a Soviet soldier of Jewish origin leads a great revolt. The cast also features Christopher Lambert, the eternal Connor MacLeod of the 'Highlander' franchise.



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Plot summary

“Sobibor” tells the story about the only successful revolt in a Nazi death camp during World War II. The rebellion, led by the Soviet prisoner Alexander Pechersky, took place in the Nazi death camp Sobibor, located in Poland, in 1943. The movie focuses on Pecherky and the difficult choices he makes to organize the rebellion and escape. He risks many lives, including his own, to set free hundreds of Jewish prisoners. These very different people show equal heroism and courage and are united by the desire to live.

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