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Wild Tales

A man's fury towards a fine leads to a wild and unpredictable chain of events.


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One of the most celebrated films of Argentine cinema, 'Relatos Salvajes' is one of those unforgettable gems that only prove the power of Latin American production. Here, we follow characters in different stories with some things in common: hatred, explosion, violence, lack of patience. Whether in traffic, at a wedding or on a plane, we see situations in which the human being is put to the limit, with unpredictable consequences. And despite the tragedy of some situations, 'Relatos Salvajes' puts the human being in a position of observing his own existence, making us laugh at the smallness of life. Absolute highlight for Ricardo Darín, who steals the scene with the story of a man angry with a fine.



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Six short stories that explore the extremities of human behavior involving people in distress.

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