The Gaze of the SeaThe Gaze of the Sea
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The Gaze of the Sea

A woman seeks redemption by delivering a message from grieving families of lost fishermen in the Gulf of Mexico.


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How can we make sense of life, which at any moment can strip us forever of everything that matters to us? It's an ineffable search that is nevertheless common, necessary, and eternal in the human experience, something that Mexican documentary 'Los ojos del mar' manages to demonstrate with great sensitivity. The story starts with the mysterious disappearance of the fishing boat Black Fin, in Veracruz, Mexico; and it is told from the perspective of Hortensia, alias "La morena", who takes it upon herself to help the families of the missing find a way to say goodbye to those who disappeared into the sea. Documentarist José Álvarez ('Canícula', 'Flores en el desierto') not only allows us to take a look at the routines of those who live off fishing, but also at the very particular mourning process, in the mouths of the orphans and widows, frustrated by the immense power of the sea that devours everything.



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A woman with a troubled past embarks on a journey to deliver a message from the grieving families of fishermen lost at sea five years ago, at their last known location in the Gulf of Mexico. Her odyssey becomes one of personal redemption.

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