Jovens PolacasJovens Polacas
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Jovens Polacas

A Jewish woman struggles to remember her past as a Polaca, a victim of prostitution in Rio de Janeiro.


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"White Slaves", a topic rarely addressed in cinema and literature, are women, usually trafficked to Brazil from Eastern Europe, and forced into prostitution. In "Young Poles", filmmaker Alex Levy-Heller (of the good "Christabel") brings light to these people, hidden in the shadows of prejudice and neglect. Aesthetically refined, the feature film succeeds in treating the theme with care, without explicit extreme situations and with a photography that jumps to the eyes. It aligns more with films like "Trafficking of Innocents" and moves away from productions like "The Book of Revelations" and "Bound to Vengeance", mainly revealing the drama of the characters. It is a slow movie, with digressions and even some narrative experiments, but it justifies itself by serving as an alert and giving voice to these real people, but so forgotten.



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The story of the famous 'Polacas', Jewish women deceived into prostitution in Rio de Janeiro in the early 1900's. Ricardo interviews Mrs. Mira, who struggles to bring back memories from her mother's past as a Polaca.

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