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A former agent must protect his daughter from a US crime boss's hired killer in London.


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With renowned stuntman and action star Scott Adkins, 'Eliminators' is a film whose plot resembles a bit 'Crash', by David Cronenberg, for telling the story of a man who involuntarily becomes a media sensation, which ends up putting him and his family in the sights of dangerous people. Although it is not remotely as narrative and as substantial - quite the contrary - the plot is enough to keep things interesting and provide Adkins and his WWE co-star, wrestler Wade Barrett, a good pretext for the display of considerable athletic skills. Suitable for action fans with few complications.



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Plot summary

Thomas, widower and ex federal agent, hides in London with his daughter. 3 men break in. Thomas kills them. His photo ends on TV. A US crime boss sends a killer to London.

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