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Step Up

Tyler Gage, a troubled boy, earns a scholarship to a performing arts school and dances with Nora.


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The 1980s were known for some of the most memorable dance movies in cinema history, such as 'Dirty Dancing' and 'Footloose' -- with a special mention to 'Grease' at the end of the 1970s. Then, the subgenre fell into disgrace and was only revisited in the second half of the 2000s with 'Step Up'. Here, Channing Tatum leads the story of a troubled boy who finds himself in dance. It's a banal, even too simplistic story, but it leaves anyone excited and wanting to take some steps around.



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Plot summary

Tyler Gage receives the opportunity of a lifetime after vandalizing a performing arts school, gaining him the chance to earn a scholarship and dance with an up and coming dancer, Nora.

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