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Deep Inside

A couple discovers they're not alone in a remote rainforest area, as violent acts occur around them.


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Who said there aren't good horror movies in contemporary Brazilian cinema? Besides names like Marco Dutra and Juliana Rojas, we can find traces of suspense, horror and thriller in Tomás Portella's work ('Operações Especiais') with a special mention to the good 'Isolados'. Despite the exaggeration in some clichés and the use of ready-made formulas from American cinemas, the production is exciting with the journey of a couple who will spend some time in an isolated house from society. However, the husband soon begins to hear and witness violent acts around the house. It's a movie without great moments and also not very memorable, but it serves for the moment, with some scares and surprises guaranteed. With Bruno Gagliasso and Regiane Alves, both well in their characters.



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Plot summary

A couple, Lauro and Renata, travels to a remote area surrounded by rain forest in Rio De Janeiro. Once they are there, Lauro is told by a bar owner that gruesome murders are taking place in that area. Intending to keep this information hidden from his girlfriend, Lauro and Renata discover they might be not alone when staying in a isolated house.

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